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Recent Videos

A review of the CHARM-ALT trial looking at candesartan in HFrEF patients that are unable to tolerate an ACE inhibitor.

A summary of the results from the DARE trial. The study looked at the reduction in blood glucose for patients participating in aerobic exercise vs resistance vs the combo.

An overview of data from the AFFIRM trial: rate vs. rhythm control in Afib.

STAR*D Trial: pharmacological options for treating general depressioon.

Pharmacologic therapy for treating an acute gout attack.

A review of data from the SHEP trial. This video discusses the importance of potassium levels in patients taking thiazide diuretics.

TNT Trial: Atorvastatin 80 mg vs 10mg

An overview of the PARADIGM-HF trial and the use of Entresto in HFrEF.

An overview of the ACCOMPLISH trial: ACEi + CCB vs. ACEi + THZ diuretic.

GLP-1 agonist once daily injection options.

This video is a review of the HOME Trial. It discusses the benefits of adding metformin to a patient already taking insulin.

A quick review of the PROSPER trial. Pravastatin was compared to placebo in elderly patients.

Data from 2006 showing how benazepril can benefit patients with advanced chronic kidney disease. 

Pharmacologic therapy for preventing a gout attack.

Overview of the cardiovascular benefit data with certain GLP-1 agonists.

CARDS Trial: Atorvastatin 10mg vs placebo

How to calculate the number needed to treat.

A quick refresher on the mechanism of action of warfarin.

GLP-1 agonist once weekly injection options.

GLP-1 receptor agonist mechanism of action.

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