Jared Berndt
Jun 13


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Once-Weekly Dulaglutide Benefit in REWIND, Longest CVOT to Date. ... "The REWIND trial was an ambitious study that conclusively assessed the effects of dulaglutide on people with type 2 diabetes both with and without prior cardiovascular disease (CVD)," said Gerstein.2 days ago

CorConsult Rx: Evidence-Based Medicine
Jun 26

I liked the REWIND trial for the fact that the majority of the patients included did not have current CV disease. Only 31% of patients had CV disease at baseline. Also, the baseline A1c's were a median of 7.2%. These patients were "healthier" then patients included in the LEADER, HARMONY OUTCOMES trial, etc. We know from the SUSTAIN-7 trial that we can suspect slightly better A1c lowering from semaglutide compared to dulaglutide. However, the CV benefits may be arguably better with dulaglutide. I choose between the two based on the patients specific needs.